How to measure internally threaded and threadless labret posts

Industrial Strength labret postsThe length measurement is just the part that goes through your piercing.

Earlobe piercings
A simple way to work out the length is to put a standard earring against (not through) your earlobe and move the back to the right position, then take it away and measure the post to the butterfly back.

If you measure with calipers remember that you don't want the labret to be too tight.

Cartilage piercings
The most popular sizes are 6mm for helix piercings and 8mm for tragus piercings but as everyone is different measuring the jewellery you have now is usually the best way to work out which size you need.

If you have any labrets or barbells you can measure the post or depending on the position of the piercing you might be able to measure your ear or how much of another stud goes through the piercing.


Millimetres to Inches Converter

mm inches
4.7mm 3/16"
6mm Just under 1/4"
6.3mm 1/4"
7.9mm 5/16"
8mm 5/16"