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Classic styles

Hypoallergenic titanium, medical plastic and surgical steel earrings in classic styles including crystal and pearl studs

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Ti2 titanium gemstone earrings

Ti2 titanium gemstone earrings£69.75  -  £86.45

Blomdahl silver titanium tiffany earrings

Blomdahl silver titanium tiffany earrings£26.78  -  £44.78

Blomdahl golden titanium crystal earrings

Blomdahl golden titanium crystal earrings£21.38  -  £32.67

Blomdahl pearl titanium earrings

Blomdahl pearl titanium earrings£21.38  -  £26.78

Blomdahl silver titanium crystal earrings

Blomdahl silver titanium crystal earrings£22.28  -  £32.67

Ti2 titanium ball stud earrings

Ti2 titanium ball stud earrings£14.45  -  £16.45


Page 1 of 1:    31 Items