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Studs with medium tops (5mm-8mm)

Hypoallergenic titanium, niobium, surgical steel and medical plastic stud earrings with medium tops in sizes from 5mm to 8mm

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Ti2 titanium ball stud earrings

Ti2 titanium ball stud earrings£14.45  -  £16.45

Blomdahl medical plastic daisy earrings

Blomdahl medical plastic daisy earrings£13.95

Blomdahl silver titanium crystal earrings

Blomdahl silver titanium crystal earrings£20.95  -  £33.75

Blomdahl pearl titanium earrings

Blomdahl pearl titanium earrings£18.95  -  £26.95

Blomdahl silver titanium tiffany earrings

Blomdahl silver titanium tiffany earrings£26.95  -  £45.45

Blomdahl golden titanium crystal earrings

Blomdahl golden titanium crystal earrings£20.95  -  £33.75

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Page 1 of 3:    115 Items
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