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Ti2 titanium dragonfly pendant

Ti2 titanium dragonfly pendant£16.75  -  £18.45

Ti2 titanium 3/4 hoops

Ti2 titanium 3/4 hoops£27.95  -  £32.95

Blomdahl black titanium heart earrings

Blomdahl black titanium heart earrings£26.95  -  £27.95

Blomdahl silver titanium puck earrings

Blomdahl silver titanium puck earrings£23.45  -  £27.95

Titanium butterfly backs

Titanium butterfly backs£1.75

Ti2 titanium puck earrings

Ti2 titanium puck earrings£30.38

Blomdahl silver titanium tiffany earrings

Blomdahl silver titanium tiffany earrings£23.45  -  £38.45

Blomdahl titanium brilliance plenary earrings

Blomdahl titanium brilliance plenary earrings£24.26  -  £25.16

Titanium earring hooks

Titanium earring hooks£1.50

Blomdahl golden titanium crystal earrings

Blomdahl golden titanium crystal earrings£17.95  -  £27.95

Blomdahl silver titanium crystal earrings

Blomdahl silver titanium crystal earrings£18.95  -  £27.95

Titanium heart earrings

Titanium heart earrings£21.56

Ti2 titanium gemstone earrings

Ti2 titanium gemstone earrings£69.75  -  £86.45

Ti2 titanium two tone 3/4 hoops

Ti2 titanium two tone 3/4 hoops£23.95  -  £31.95

Blomdahl titanium half ring pearl earrings

Blomdahl titanium half ring pearl earrings£24.26  -  £25.16

Ti2 titanium twisted 3/4 hoops

Ti2 titanium twisted 3/4 hoops£23.95  -  £28.75

Titanium labret post

Titanium labret post£2.25

Blomdahl titanium crystal ball stud earrings

Blomdahl titanium crystal ball stud earrings£22.45  -  £38.45

Titanium ball nose stud

Titanium ball nose stud£2.95

Titanium cone nose stud

Titanium cone nose stud£2.95

Titanium disk nose stud

Titanium disk nose stud£2.95

Gold PVD titanium BCR

Gold PVD titanium BCR£3.75

Ti2 titanium ball stud earrings

Ti2 titanium ball stud earrings£14.45  -  £16.45

Titanium body spiral

Titanium body spiral£2.95

Ti2 titanium hinged hoops

Ti2 titanium hinged hoops£27.95  -  £29.95

Titanium heart nose stud

Titanium heart nose stud£2.95

Titanium BCR

Titanium BCR£1.45

Titanium BCR - 1mm gauge

Titanium BCR - 1mm gauge£1.45

Titanium star nose stud

Titanium star nose stud£2.95

Gold PVD titanium labret

Gold PVD titanium labret£5.45

Titanium belly bar

Titanium belly bar£3.45

Blomdahl pearl titanium earrings

Blomdahl pearl titanium earrings£18.95  -  £23.45

Titanium barbell

Titanium barbell£2.95

Titanium screw-on disk

Titanium screw-on disk£1.45

Titanium screw-on cone

Titanium screw-on cone£1.95

Titanium disk labret

Titanium disk labret£2.95

Titanium curved barbell

Titanium curved barbell£2.95

Titanium cone labret

Titanium cone labret£3.85

Titanium screw-on party hat ball

Titanium screw-on party hat ball£1.76

Titanium clip-in ball

Titanium clip-in ball£1.25

Titanium labret

Titanium labret£2.95

Ti2 titanium ball stud - single earring

Ti2 titanium ball stud - single earring£7.25  -  £8.25

Titanium screw-on carousel ball

Titanium screw-on carousel ball£4.28

Jewelled titanium BCR

Jewelled titanium BCR£3.75

Invictus threadless titanium ball (top only)

Invictus threadless titanium ball (top only)£6.25  -  £6.90

Striped titanium BCR

Striped titanium BCR£2.25

Invictus threadless titanium flower (top only)

Invictus threadless titanium flower (top only)£14.45  -  £20.95

Titanium glitzy barbell

Titanium glitzy barbell£6.75

Titanium glitzy labret

Titanium glitzy labret£5.95

Tiny niobium disk studs

Tiny niobium disk studs£25.75

Ti2 surgical steel collar

Ti2 surgical steel collar£11.95

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Page 1 of 1:    330 Results