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Silver ear shield

Silver ear shield£4.45

Silver frosted ear cuff

Silver frosted ear cuff£7.75

Silver stars ear cuff

Silver stars ear cuff£6.25

Silver hearts ear cuff

Silver hearts ear cuff£6.25

Silver moons ear cuff

Silver moons ear cuff£6.25

Silver ear cuff

Silver ear cuff£6.95

Surgical steel suns ear cuff

Surgical steel suns ear cuff£4.01

Feather helix hoop

Feather helix hoop£8.45  -  £9.75

Stars helix hoop

Stars helix hoop£4.75

Byzantine helix hoop

Byzantine helix hoop£6.95

Chunky helix hoop

Chunky helix hoop£4.75

Oak leaf cartilage earring

Oak leaf cartilage earring£3.75  -  £4.95

Maple leaf cartilage earring

Maple leaf cartilage earring£3.45  -  £4.75

Two star cartilage earring

Two star cartilage earring£3.45  -  £3.95

Frosted cartilage earring

Frosted cartilage earring£3.45  -  £4.75

Star cartilage earring

Star cartilage earring£3.45  -  £3.95

Rose cartilage earring

Rose cartilage earring£3.25  -  £4.45

Hearts ear shield

Hearts ear shield£2.95

Angel cartilage earring

Angel cartilage earring£3.73

Small heart cartilage earring

Small heart cartilage earring£2.45  -  £3.95

Leaf dangling cartilage earring

Leaf dangling cartilage earring£2.95  -  £3.25

Small star cartilage earring

Small star cartilage earring£2.45  -  £3.95

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Search for:    steel silver        Show All Products

Page 1 of 4:    144 Results