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Silver top cartilage earrings

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Frosted stud

Frosted stud£3.45  -  £4.75

Feather stud

Feather stud£4.45

Rose stud

Rose stud£3.25  -  £4.45

Small star stud

Small star stud£2.45  -  £3.95

Two star stud

Two star stud£3.45

Studex silver hinged hoops

Studex silver hinged hoops£3.50  -  £6.95

Small heart stud

Small heart stud£2.45  -  £3.95

Feather helix hoop

Feather helix hoop£8.45  -  £9.75

Lightning bolt stud

Lightning bolt stud£3.45

Dreamcatcher dangling cartilage earring

Dreamcatcher dangling cartilage earring£5.75  -  £8.95

Three crystal stud

Three crystal stud£4.75

Five crystal stud

Five crystal stud£3.95

Star stud

Star stud£3.45

Four crystal curve stud

Four crystal curve stud£4.75

Jewelled daisy stud

Jewelled daisy stud£3.95  -  £4.75

Small butterfly stud

Small butterfly stud£2.45

Ball chain helix earring

Ball chain helix earring£5.63

Celtic ear shield

Celtic ear shield£3.95

Marquese crystal stud

Marquese crystal stud£4.46

Silver ear cuff

Silver ear cuff£6.95

Gold plated feather stud

Gold plated feather stud£4.75

Clam shell stud

Clam shell stud£3.25

Dragon ear cuff

Dragon ear cuff£5.75

Snake stud

Snake stud£3.11

Waves ear shield

Waves ear shield£4.95

Chunky helix hoop

Chunky helix hoop£4.75

Five crystal ear shield

Five crystal ear shield£2.95

Princess cut crystal stud

Princess cut crystal stud£4.46

Silver ear shield

Silver ear shield£4.45

Crescent crystal stud

Crescent crystal stud£4.28

Filigree ear shield

Filigree ear shield£3.95

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Page 1 of 3:    107 Items
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