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Externally threaded labret

Externally threaded jewellery

Externally threaded jewellery is the most common type and has the exposed part of the thread on the post.

Internally threaded labret

Internally threaded jewellery

Internally threaded jewellery is top of the range. This is the best type of jewellery but also the most expensive. It can be more comfortable to put in and there's no risk of the thread catching the piercing.

Internally threaded jewellery and accessories aren't as interchangeable as externally threaded jewellery (where only the gauge needs to be the same).

Due to slight differences in the threads the thread types need to match as well as the gauges. To make this simpler we've named these type A, B, C and D. So for example a type A accessory will fit a type A post, but a type A and B will not fit together even if they are both the same gauge.


Push-fit jewellery

Push-fit jewellery

Push-fit is similar to internally threaded jewellery with no exposed thread going through the piercing but instead of screwing on the accessories simply push into the flexible bioplast post.