Jewellery Gauge/Thickness

This measurement tells you the thickness of the post or bar.

1.2mm/16 gauge is the standard size most ears are pierced with.

Sizes Available

0.6mm (22 gauge)Continuous rings
0.7mm (21 gauge)Blomdahl titanium stud earrings, earring hooks, Ti2 titanium earrings
0.8mm (20 gauge)Blomdahl hoop and drop earrings, Caflon earrings, Element 41 earrings, earring hooks, nose studs, Korbar labrets, continuous rings, Studex Sensitive earrings, Studex Tiny Tips earrings
0.9mm (19 gauge)Blomdahl medical plastic stud earrings
1mm (18 gauge)Nose studs, labret studs, Industrial Strength labrets, Korbar labrets, cartilage studs, continuous rings, heart rings and BCRs
1.2mm (16 gauge)Labret studs, Industrial Strength labrets, Korbar labrets, BCRs, continuous rings, cartilage earrings, spirals, heart rings, Studex Plus piercing studs
1.6mm (14 gauge)Belly bars
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