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Titanium cartilage earrings

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Titanium labret

Titanium labret£2.95

Titanium barbell

Titanium barbell£2.95

Titanium BCR

Titanium BCR£1.45

Titanium body spiral

Titanium body spiral£2.95

Titanium disk labret

Titanium disk labret£2.95

Titanium curved barbell

Titanium curved barbell£2.95

Gold PVD titanium labret

Gold PVD titanium labret£5.45

Titanium glitzy barbell

Titanium glitzy barbell£6.75

Titanium BCR - 1mm gauge

Titanium BCR - 1mm gauge£1.45

Striped titanium BCR

Striped titanium BCR£2.25

Titanium glitzy labret

Titanium glitzy labret£5.95

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Page 1 of 3:    98 Items
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