Clear bag
Most jewellery is sent in clear grip seal bags, usually one per order and taped to the delivery note inside the envelope. Wherever possible we use the packaging jewellery comes in from the manufacturers so some clear bags do have staple holes in where they've come stapled together in fives for easy counting. While all jewellery is new it is still recommended that earrings and body jewellery should be cleaned before being worn.

Although we usually pack everything together to reduce and wherever possible reuse plastic we understand that some people prefer their jewellery to be packed in indiviual bags. If you'd like your order sent this way please put a note in the comments box on the checkout page.


Blomdahl Clean Pack

Blomdahl Clean Packs
Blomdahl jewellery comes in a sealed plastic box called a Clean Pack. Blomdahl drop/dangly earrings come in large Blomdahl Clean Packs (these are too big to fit through most letterboxes so if you'd like the earring taken out and put into something smaller just let us know). Clean Packs are not sterile and earrings and body jewellery should be cleaned before being worn.

Caflon packaging
Caflon sterile pack
Caflon earrings come in sealed sterile packaging.
Studex Plus packaging
Studex Plus sterile piercing pack
Studex Plus piercing earrings come in sealed sterile piercing pack.
Studex Sensitive card
Studex Sensitive padded cards
Studex Sensitive earrings come in clear bags with black padded cards.
Studex Tiny Tips packaging
Studex Tiny Tips sterile pack
Studex Tiny Tips earrings come in sealed sterile packaging designed to appeal to children but the earrings themselves are the same size as the Studex Sensitive range making suitable for both children and adults.
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